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welcome to our story

the story of our work in Kotdwara and Bijnor

two towns in Northern India


We are passionate about making a difference in the lives of people, families and communities

The mission of ‘Project Help India’ is to bring love, hope, dignity and purpose to the poor. Our vision is to focus on education, nutrition, health and ultimately human rights, so that individual lives are impacted, empowered and restored. ‘Project Help India’ seeks to bring about community change and generational transformation. ‘Project Help India’ seeks to grow in its impact and influence in the lives of people and communities, with a goal to ultimately expand into other towns and places of need.

‘Project Help India’ provides practical help and hope to people living in poverty in two towns Kotdwara and Bijnor in Northern India. These people live in city slums or in jungle villages located on the outskirts of Kotdwara, in the foothills of the Himalayas. The projects are predominantly centred around providing a basic education to children who otherwise would not attend school, and extends to other children and teenagers who have significant disabilities. Funds are used to provide education in six locations including a Disability Centre in Kotdwara. All children receive a healthy meal each and every day. ‘Project Help’ only employs local teachers and staff from within the local community.  

‘Project Help India’ works alongside the local police to provide education and awareness about child labour and human trafficking. Our programs are delivered to parents and children in schools and villages. We also provide counselling and support to individuals who have been rescued.

Our work is well respected by many community leaders, politicians and the local police with whom we often collaborate. They encourage and support our initiatives and projects, and they often seek advice and guidance from our team. The ‘Project Help’ Annual Event is held in October and provides an opportunity to award commendations to leaders and members of the community who impact and make a difference in the community. This event has been reported in the local media with great enthusiasm.

Briefly about our story

Based on a holistic model, the work of ‘Project Help India’ expands across many aspects of the community and includes.

·      Providing education for children. Presently there are 6 small education centres with approximately 40 children in each.

·      A centre has been established to care for children and young people with significant disabilities, and their parents.

·      All up, approximately 260 children are provided with a healthy meal each day

·      Evening technology classes equip young women with skills for future employment.

·      We work with the local anti-human trafficking police team, and education programs in schools and villages are delivered together.

·      Care and counselling is given to rescued children and adults

·      Drug awareness programs are delivered in schools and villages

·      We organise for medical and health care to be provided from time to time by local doctors and medical professionals

·      Counselling and social work is provided by our project directors and staff

·      Crisis care and support is provided for families and individuals impacted by domestic violence

·      Natural disaster emergency assistance is given, especially from the annual monsoon floods

·      Leadership development for university students, and opportunities provided for volunteering in the community

·      Women’s empowerment programs, highlighted by an Annual Conference called ‘SHINE’.

·      Training and support for teachers, police and community leaders.

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