Where exactly is Kotdwara?

Kotdwara (or Kotdwar), is a relatively small town by Indian standards, with a population of approximately 120 000. Located in the state of Uttrakhand known as ‘the land of Gods’, Kotdwara is 200km north-east of New Delhi which is about a crazy six hour drive. Surrounding Kotdwara are the Himalayan foothills with their remote jungle villages, small towns, scenic beauty, wild elephants, tigers and beautiful birdlife. Up in the hills, life is simple and the people are generally subsistent, poor and impacted by the forces of nature. 


And where is Bijnor?

2018 saw the beginning of a very special new chapter in our story …the opening of our Bijnor Centre. The majority of children who attend have never attended school before. It is such a wonderful privilege to love and care for these kids, and for the parents and families too.

Scroll through the map to locate the city of Bijnor, which is approximately 100km away from Kotdwara.