The background to our story

Daisy and Amit Samuel have lived in Kotdwara for 18 yearsThey have very big hearts for the poor, the needy and the down trodden. Doug and Rowena Thomas were captured by the story that they told. Amit and Daisy share their hearts and their love for those in Kotdwara who have no voice and no place in their town and community. 

Like a book that you can’t put down, the story needs to be shared. You are invited to be captured by the beautiful people of Kotdwara; captured by their lives and their stories.  

In 2011, Amit and Daisy commenced their life of service to Kotdwara by teaching just 25 children. Classes were held six days a week, for 2 hours each day. No meals were provided. There was much opposition from the parents due to the children being needed for begging and reg picking. A number of the children were at risk of drug addiction, particularly to lighter fluid. In 2012 the slum project grew to 35 children. There was less opposition from parents. This was because Daisy and Amit spent much time counselling them. The incidence of children begging has also reduced. 

In August 2012 Sam Cawthorn visited Kotdwara and started supporting Amit. Sam and his wife were instrumental in supporting Amit and through their passion and generosity. Various projects including the Jungle class in Village Bagnala commenced and Amit’s respect as a community leader grew in Kotdwara. Many highly distinguished people, including the Head of Police, would consult with Amit for his advice and partnership in solving social issues and problems. Amit continues to be held in very high regard and he works closely with community leaders.

The Thomas family first travelled to Kotdwara in January 2013, to see Amit and Daisy’s work and to meet them in person. Not long after, the story came to life for them and a special friendship began. In February 2015, Doug and Rowena began working closely with Amit and Daisy with the aim of supporting their work and projects. By the end of 2015 further projects including new education centres, the connection with the anti-human trafficking police unit, and with new helpers joining the team in India, our story has gathered momentum.

In 2018 we expanded to the city of Bijnor. We also started our Disability Centre in Kotdwara, initially catering for four amazing children who have never been to a school before, …and now in 2019 across all of our locations, we are privileged to care for 260 children every day.

All of this would not have been possible without the generous support of many people along the way.

Our projects continue to expand and our vision is to reach more people.

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2016 Annual Report

2016 was a year of many new beginnings and gathering momentum.

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2017 Annual Report

2017 was a year of significant progress, exciting achievements, people cared for and lives powerfully changed.

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2018 Annual Report

So much achieved and so much to be thankful for in 2018.

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