The Core Values that underpin our story

  • We are guided by love, compassion, generosity and service.

  • All people, men and women, are equal because they are created in the image of God. We therefore respect all people, regardless of their age, personal circumstances, financial or social status.

  • All people have worth and significance. Each has talents and gifts and an important contribution to make to their community. We therefore aim to create opportunities for people to have hope and purpose for the future.

  • The leadership capacity, potential and contribution of people of all ages is to be recognised and harnessed.

  • We work to empower people through education because education transforms lives.

  • We care for people - health and emotional wholeness is key to transformation and growth.

  • We particularly seek to help those who are held captive by their circumstances - poverty, equality for women, addictions, disability, homelessness, trafficking and child labour.

  • We strive for the transformation and prosperity of the individual, families, the wider community and all relationships. Environmental sustainability is implicit in this.

  • We partner with, serve and support other small works who share the same heart and concern for the people of Kotdwara. We seek to build and grow links across Kotdwara, particularly with government and community leaders.

  • We are inspired by God’s love for people and guided by His Word in our actions and decision making.

Our Strategic Plan

In October 2015, Doug and Amit spent a week together developing our Vision Statement, guiding Core Values and a Strategic Plan (2016 to 2020). Our Strategic Plan is bold and ambitious and relies on God’s grace, guidance and provision. This is God’s work and ultimately His story, not ours. We commit the future and all that is possible into His hands. 

With the support of a growing donor base in Australia, these plans will see Project Help India also registered as a charity in Australia. We hope to achieve this goal in 2019. Ultimately our vision is to establish holistic education centres by providing a range of teachers and special programs, in numerous locations in Kotdwara and beyond.  This will see individual lives changed and villages and communities transformed.

Our big dream is to purchase a property for a large community centre in the heart of Kotdwara.

Strategic Plan (2016-2020)

Strategy and Innovation

Priority Target Areas 2019+

  1. Finance

  2. Governance and Policy

  3. Communications

  4. Donations and Fundraising

  5. Wholistic Community Programs

  6. Empowering Women

  7. Education

Our Commitment to Child Safety

‘Project Help India’ is committed to ensuring the safety, welfare and wellbeing of all children and young people within all aspects of the organisation and is dedicated to protecting them from abuse and harm. We recognise that the welfare of the child/young person is paramount all children, regardless of age, disability, gender, racial heritage, religious belief, sexual orientation or identity, have the right to equal protection from all types of harm, abuse and exploitation.

‘Project Help India’ has zero tolerance for child abuse. As an NGO, we regard our child protection responsibilities with the utmost importance, and as such, we are committed to providing the necessary resources to ensure compliance with all relevant child protection laws and regulations and to maintain a safe and supportive environment for all children and young people.

We believe that it is always unacceptable for a child or young person to experience abuse of any kind. We recognise that it is our responsibility to safeguard the welfare of all children and young people, and we demonstrate this by our commitment to implementing a policies and practices which protect them.

Our Child Protection Policy

Our Child Protection Policy deals with the protection of children and adolescents as defined by the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child. Similarly, our core child protection principles and values are also based on the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child, and other international protocols and research. This policy is viewed holistically, and provides a comprehensive framework for the protection, provision and participation of all children.

 All children and adolescents involved in ‘Project Help India’ activities, projects and programs have the right to;

·       have their health, safety and well-being, and their best interests considered as a fundamental priority

·       have their development promoted and safeguarded so that they can achieve their full potential in life

·       be valued, respected and understood within the context of their own culture, religion and ethnicity

·       be listened to and to have their views given careful consideration, and;

·       be encouraged and helped to participate in decisions which affect them, including in child protection decisions.

Child Protection Policy

Bijnor kids

Bijnor kids


Project Help India is registered as a NGO with the Indian Government. In India we are registered as the Panah Foundation. This name is given to us by the government. Locally we are also known as 'Project Help'.

Our Board

The Panah Foundation has a formalised governance structure. We have a Board of 7 members comprising of men and women, all respected citizens and community leaders from Kotdwara and neighbouring towns. Mr Amit Samuel is our President and Director. Mrs Daisy Samuel is the General Secretary. Our Board meets a minimum of 4 times a year. Doug Thomas attends twice a year to observe and monitor the progress of the Board.