Lives changed through our busy new centre.


Firstly and BIG hello from Doug and Rowena. We hope this finds you well.

We continue to invest much time into the charity work in Kotdwara, India and receive great reward and satisfaction from knowing that people's lives are being changed in small and large ways - all incredibly significant no matter what. The construction of the new website continues to be a task we work hard on, but every day it is getting closer and we hope to launch it over the coming days.

We want to personally thank the many people who have made recent donations. I hope you can see that we put great care and thought into ensuring that your money is used wisely and makes a significant difference. Also, your prayers and words of encouragement spur us on...this truly is a team effort.

Our friend Amit has personally written this month's Newsletter. I am sure that you will enjoy reading it and be moved by what Amit writes. Gotta say, I love his spelling - totally awesome :-)

Have a great month and God bless! Love Doug and Rowe, Roxy, Maisy and Gulliver X

*Dear brother Doug and all the loving partners from Australia.We all extend our heartiest thanks for your prayers and support. It is because of your prayers and Finencial support of each month. Now 170 poor and needy children is blessed your support through our projects in different ways. They are getting (1) Proper food, (2) Education, (3) Health care. Belive us all these children were rag pickers, engaged in child labour, Bagging, and we're from such a poor and secluded community that they had no hope. But with our combined effort, now they have every hope for a purposeful and meaningful life.PART - A..... You are will be so happy to know that we were able to hire a 3 rooms house for the purpose of office, New center of poor children, computer class for poor girls, sowing train center, rescue kids and girls by the police from th treffikers, meetings etc. From this month we need 5000 rupee per month for its rent.We are planning to open a computer training center for poor girls above 13 years from April 2016. This vision in our 5 year planning for this year. We are starting our new center for poor kids from 1st April 2016 and we had already registered 30 children. Most of these children are orphans or having single parent and their relatives are look after them in very bad conditon. Most of the kids are not able to go to the school so we have planned to start the center after a survey. We found that some of the children are suffering from various kind of diseases and are unable to treat as medicines. We will be focusing on (1) skill development (2) Health care of these children with your support. WE WILL BE IN NEED OF FOLLOWING : 1: Teacher for this new center - 2500/- ($25 Australian a month)2: Six chair three table - 5000/- ($10)3: Three fans - 4500/- ($9)4: Mats and stationary - 3000/- ($6)*

*PART - B.....Dear one's this 3 rooms building will serve us as our CENTRAL OFFICE.We are planning to run a computer Center too from this month for poor girls of 13 years and above from poor and secluded community's. For this purpose we will be in need of some computers and other equipments as per need..In our area position and conditions of girls is not at all good. They face a lot of problems. Parent from poor family do not educate girl child and due to illiteracy they take girls as a burden on them and their families. This gives rise to many socially evils. (1) Child Marriage (2) Child Labour (3) Girls treffikin . Even some parents are sell their girl child for money and throwing them into the hell of prostitution in our area. The helth condition also not good in our town area Like (1) Malnutrition (2) Anaemia (3) osteoporosis (4) Depression (5) Drug Addiction. We are working for such girls and women who are not able to take good education and training. More Over some girls who are engaged forcealy in to prostitution. So we need your prayer and Finencial support to empower this section of poor girls to develop a skill to earn their living hood and stand on their own. We request you all to visit our work in India with our brother Doug. Your regular support had brought a change in lives of many and will bring hope and change many more. You all are standing for a noble couse and God recognise it. God will return many folds to you as you are helping God's unfortunate children. We also pray for each one of you and your family. May God bless you all with his divine grace and heppiness. May you all lead a life of fulfilment and satisfaction. Please continue to think and support this work in India. Your Sincerely Amit & DaisySamuel............*