Extreme living - Extreme action (July in pictures)


Life in India is full of extremes, and just this month in July we have seen the harsh impact of this. Only a few weeks ago, the temperature in Kotdwara was over fifty degrees. Since then, we have been deluged with the extreme rain from the seasonal monsoon. Each day we come face to face with the impact of extreme poverty. Sickness and death is a reality of life and whilst it’s easy to get ‘used’ to this, our mission and projects focus on combating poverty. We will not settle for accepting this, knowing that our efforts can have significant impact in the lives of children, families and communities.

Check out our photo gallery to see just how much has been achieved. It’s amazing! Just in this month of July, the work of ‘Project Help India’ continues with purpose and momentum as we provide opportunities for;

- improving children’s health and nutrition

- education and learning

- social work and counselling

- emergency crisis care

- creating community and a sense of belonging

- environmental responsibility

- community impact through drug awareness

- individual lives changed

- a brighter tomorrow and hope for the future

- experiencing God’s love

Thank you to all of our supporters. It is simply because of your generosity that all of this is possible.

We thank our teams in Kotdwara and Bijnor for their tireless work. ‘Project Help India’ has 14 paid staff. We honour their innovation, problem solving, determination, sacrificial efforts, care and compassion.  What you have achieved in just these past 4 weeks is truly remarkable. We love you!

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