This week we are celebrating girls, girls, girls

Some of the beautiful girls from the ‘Project Help India’ staff and teaching team.

Some of the beautiful girls from the ‘Project Help India’ staff and teaching team.

This week is International Women’s Day 2019 and the United Nations theme is ‘Think Equal, Build Smart, Innovate for Change …isn’t that amazing!

We may know that all genders are equal but in many societies, especially in traditional India, woman still experience significant discrimination. The concept of women’s rights is relatively new and not even considered in many communities. Men and women may know that women’s rights are important but when you are dealing with entrenched traditions, behaviours, mindsets, values and attitudes, it is difficult to understand how this translates to contemporary day to day life.  Women’s education and health education are key. Through this, women gain knowledge, they understand change and health, and they get a picture of what success, flourishing and all of life’s possibilities can look like.

For our second year ‘Project Help India’ will be holding SHINE Conference with the aim to: 

“empower and educate woman to have strength value and purpose, value themselves and change their community”.

Many woman who attend SHINE Conference have no idea about  women's health education and if they did, wow, not only would their health change, but their family and wider community would change for the better too.

For starters once they get their periods they would know why, how and what to do. This could help them go to school as many young girls drop out of school when they get their periods. Women would know that menopause is normal and they would understand what happens when they go through it. A knowledge of contraception, personal hygiene, relationship consent, personal boundaries, body safety and protective behaviours would certainly change their lives, in places where physical and sexual abuse are commonplace.

Education in woman’s health has changed over the years. Historically life was more difficult, woman became wives and mothers a lot earlier, as well as contracting diseases with earlier mortality rates. Many Indian woman in the past were not concerned about ‘old’ age because most did not reach old age.

At 'Project help India' we celebrate girls and we honour the contribution of women in our community. We are changing India by educating our girls. The possibilities are endless and exciting. 

As we celebrate 'International Women's Day' might you be able to help girls and women attend SHINE? Please gift a sponsorship to a delegate. Your gift will change her life. Consider making a one-off donation. It'e easy to calculate at $10 a girl. Thank you to the many people who have already done this. You are amazing and we are so appreciative.

$50 = 5 women 

$100 = 10 women

$250 = 25 women 

$1000 = 100 women

BSB: 062 230 (Commonwealth Bank Randwick) 

Account: 1134 1909

Account Name: Project Help India

Reference: SHINE19

OR donate directly at

With love and thanks from the ‘Project Help India’ Team.