10 weeks until Poonam attends our SHINE Conference

Anjali with her mother and father

Anjali with her mother and father

With just 10 weeks to go, anticipation is growing as ‘Project Help India’ prepares for the annual SHINE Conference in April. Our conference aims to educate and empower women and in doing so, raise a new generation of women whose dignity, individual strengths, talents and purpose will create a strong, happy and healthy India. 

Through our work at Project Help India we are providing hope through education and opportunities that many girls and women living in poverty, would never have thought possible. Prior to attending our classes, Anjali was a victim of childhood labour. Now, she is achieving well in her studies and she is also enjoying success as a soccer player. Who said that sport is just for boys! 

Anjali's mother Poonam will have the opportunity to attend our SHINE Conference in April. Poonam's life is about to be impacted, and her influence in her slum community is going to be far reaching, as mindsets are altered regarding the role of women in the community.

Can you sponsor a woman like Poonam? We need your help to make it possible for them to attend SHINE. Please consider making a special one-off donation. It’s easy to calculate @$10 per delegate.

$50 = 5 women 

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$1000 = 100 women
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If you care to read on, here is the story (written by staff in Kotdwara) of Anjali and her mother Poonam, whose lives and family circumstances have already been impacted by ‘Project Help India’. Wonderful stories like this are only possible because of the generosity of our Australian supporters. Many women from Poonam's slum community will be attending SHINE19. 

Thank you if you have recently made a donation.

Meet Anjali and her mother Poonam

Today we visit Anjali’s home; she is one of the student in our city center. There we talk with her mother named Poonam. She said, It’s a big thing that our children are studying in Center without paying fee. Our girls are learning computer also here. A year ago before our children coming to Project help, my daughter used to roam around. She couldn’t read or write. But within 5-6 days of coming Education Center, she started to like it. When I asked to my daughter how you feel there? She replied I like studying through activities. Today my daughter can read Hindi as well as English.

Through the Project Help we knew that it’s illegal for children below 18 years of age to work and they also have the right to education.  Amit sir also helped some children who were working as children labor at a very young age. He helped them and get admission in City Center. Amit sir said, the student who have dropped out, we work to re- enroll them through RTE act. Children must have the right to education. Earlier Parents wouldn’t send their daughters out of the house. We mobilized them, called them over at Project Help and spoke to them. When the meeting happened face to face, they saw how confident their kids and how much they wanted to play and study.

Anjali’s Parents also agreed to let her play game. Anjali said, now I am playing the match against the boy. I was proud as I was coming after winning the match.

Anjali’s mother said; "when I saw my own daughter playing and offer them congratulation on their victory, it felt us both happy and sad. I realised that we were restricting our daughters on something that other people were actually praising her for game. I and husband finally felt so proud for her."

Mr. Amit sir said,The society has enforced so many rules for girls you can’t go out, you can’t go anywhere. Why? Girls should have the same rights that everyone else has. Anjali mother said that Project Help is changing people's negative thinking and that they also can now move forward in life. And in our area, I and many other families are starting to bring our daughters forward on their own. At Project Help we are working hard to improve children's life and future.