When you live in a slum, what's the cost when your house burns down?

Deepak at “Project help India’ receiving some blankets and mattresses

Deepak at “Project help India’ receiving some blankets and mattresses

Yesterday morning, we received the news that one of the families we care for in the Kotdwara slums is in crisis and requires emergency help. At about 11am Friday morning, their entire 'house' burnt down. The impact of the fire was devastating, destroying absolutely everything. After trying to save some household items from the flames, Deepak, the father was rushed to hospital with burns to his hands. Thankfully the other members of his household are okay. Deepak is a single dad with an 8 year old son, Anukul, who attends our Riverside Slum School. Deepak’s older brother Sharma, also lives with them.

Amit, the Director of ‘Project Help India’ was immediately called to help. He was one of the only people who Deepak could turn to. In the video that is attached to this email, you will see Amit describe the impact of the damage. This incident made the local television evening news, and if you watch the second video (even if you can’t understand Hindi), you will see Amit being interviewed.

‘Project Help India’ has provided counselling, guidance, and some basic items such as mattresses and food. BUT we are confident that we can do more.

By the end of this week (if not sooner), we hope to raise $400AUD (20 000 Indian rupees) which will pay for the reconstruction of Deepak’s entire house, as well as the replacement of all their essential belongings. $400 equates to approximately 75% of Deepak’s annual salary. Deepak, one of the poorest of the poor, is a reg-picker who collects old plastic off the streets and dried river beds for a living. He earns 50-70 rupees ($1- $1.40 AUS) a day with most of his income coming from selling door to door, old plastic items.

As we help this special family we will make a powerful statement about God’s love for people and the importance of us playing our part to help the needy. Our witness to the wider community will also be powerful. Deepak and his family will have their lives put back on track thanks to your compassion and generous support.

If it’s possible for you to make a small donation we would be very grateful.