Thank you CBN Foundation

A report from our Kotdwara Project Officer

Through the director of Hope Society Mr. Rohit Massih we introduced with CBN foundation.  Amit Sir had talk to Project officer of C.B.N foundation Mrs. Mamta Sing. She was exited to know about Project help and want to help us. Mr. Amit sir talk to her on phone, she was really impressed to know about our work then after one week she came with C.B.N Team in our city kotdwara. Mamta Sing and her entire team visited with Amit sir to our entire education center. By seeing Jungle village people livelihood she asked Amit sir that how we can help to these kids.

Amit sir told them about the condition of village. He told Her about the electricity problem, that how kids are suffering in their studies because of no good electicity source. Than  Mamta Sing said we want to help them by distributing Solar light to the all kids in Jungle Centers. So after some time before Christmas C.B.N Distributed Solar Lights to 180 Kids in Jungle Centers and Slums too. Jungle people were very happy. They said that these solar lights will help our kids to study at night. Now these kids are using the Lights in night for their studys.

Mrs. Mamta Sing also requested to Amit sir for making a movie on one of the student in our education center to show it in their program which is run on Colors TV Channel. Amit sir agreed and then we gave them Manisha’s story from City center, they make movie clip on her story. On 26 January, Manisha’s story will be Broadcast on Colors channel at morning 6: 30 A.m. It’s really a big achievement for our Organization that through CBN team our work has famous internationally. Mrs. Mamta Sing is very happy to help more in future to our work. She said, my future planning is to setup water plant in jungle village, and I’ll try for it my bests. 

(dated 9th January)