It's Father's Day - and we are caring for orphans, widows, families and dads


It’s Father’s Day in Australia and we wish all the dads a wonderful day. We honour and salute all the men for the influence you have in the lives of your children and others. We hope that today is full of rich blessings and a sense of gratitude for all you have in your life.

Like many other places around the world, Father’s Day is celebrated in India on the 16th of June.

At Father’s Day, 'Project Help' reaches out to the orphans and widows

We count it our privilege to care for the poorest of the poor who don't have a father.

Meet a few of the kids and people we love and care for through our social work programs, schools and emergency support. 

Sheetal (age 14) and Tarun (age 10) live with their mum. They have two more brothers and 3 sisters. That’s a total of 7 kids in the family. Their father died when they were very little. Their Mum is Devi and she works to earn a monthly salary of $40AUS.  

Sheetal and Tarun

Sheetal and Tarun

Lovely is 9 and her father also died when she was very small. He died from liver poisoning due to drinking. Lovely has 5 sisters and 3 brothers. Their mum is Jomati, and she too earns $40 a month.



We also care for Sharafat, who after being hit by a car a few years ago, and with no father to look after him, he is the “man of the house”. He is becoming more mobile in his wheelchair but his mother, sisters and extended family have also been significantly impacted by his terrible accident.

Sharafat and Doug

Sharafat and Doug

At Father’s Day, 'Project Help' reaches out to families impacted by broken fathers

We see first hand the impact that poverty has in the lives of many men. Men easily become broken, abusive and dangerous. When you reach a point of despair and helplessness you become desperate. Many end up in prison leaving their family to fend for themselves.

Project Help work alongside many children and women whose lives, each day are impacted in such terrible ways such as domestic violence, physical and sexual abuse, drug and alcohol addictions and being forced to work in child labour or slavery. We work with the police to rescue young people, we provide counselling, food and friendship.

At Father’s Day, 'Project Help' reaches out to the fathers too

We also see the good in so many men, who despite the poverty of their circumstances, they work hard and never stop. They are determined to provide for their family and we see that stoic smile and pride that so often masks much pain and a lack of dignity because they cannot provide what the family needs. Imagine rebuilding your house, the day it gets washed away in a flood, and then doing it again and again throughout the monsoon season. These men do it tough, tougher than we can ever imagine.  They are dads who are fighters, heroes, they are courageous and remarkable. If only we could give them the medal that they deserve – but we can give them compassion, help, love and encouragement.

It’s your donation that helps these people. This Father’s Day, we pass on their thanks to you, for making a difference in their life.