Dear Friends and Supporters,

Last night I spoke to our Director in Kotdwara and they are presently sweltering in 48degree heat...and it's not even officially summer! 

Amit and Daisy continue to work very hard especially as they keep up with the momentum of our SHINE Conference last month. It is incredibly exciting to hear about the impact of the conference in the lives of many women ...and men! We will certainly be heading back for SHINE19! I have included a report written by Amit below, and this is sure to put a smile on your face. 

Thank you to the many people who made SHINE possible. Your generous donations certainly continue to generate impact and make a difference to people. We are grateful of your ongoing support and generosity and if you are able to, please continue to donate to this very worthwhile cause. We have so many things to do as we follow-up with women and their families. The Indian Government also put many necessary compliance demands on our work which means that we must spent more time than ever, writing reports, record keeping and spending time and resource in administration tasks. 


BSB:  062 230

Account: 1134 1900

Name: Project Help India

If you would like to know more about the Project Help India story, please reply and either Rowena or I would be delighted to chat. 


Dear Brother Doug & All dear one's...

Greatings to you,

We are good here and still busy in work here. We are hearing many good things from the women time to time. 

As Daisy meeting many women time to time and finding that they are very happy and excited for next year. 

When me and Daisy had Visited to the Jungle village we found that many women kept their ID cards safly in their homes for next year. They thought they can come again by these cards,  but we said that we will will provide new cards again. I was very humbled to see Joy on their faces, because it was happened first time in their life. Waoooo praise God. It is such a wonderful if we can makes Joy in people life. 

We were happy to hear that many women are very very wondered after using the pads. They were saying to Daisy that these pads are magic pads😁

We found that these pads are very helpfull for these Ladies and girls. 

Some of the Ladies and girls are very Happy with the nail polishes and Lipstick. They are exited because they have Lipstick and Nail polish from Australia 😉. We mate some of the new women too who loos this Conference this time, they were saying that they wants to come next year.

Many women was talking about the story about Daisy. They are feeling very strong in their life after the Story. 

Most of the women even heard about very clearly about their sex problem from Rowena and they are exited.

Women were asking us for more dances for next year. They are sending their Love to Max and Galiver, specially girls😚

We found good report about the food also. It was delicious for tham. Some girls had demand for more dishes in next Conference.

When we visited their villages and houses so the wonderful thing which we found that their husbands were also very thankful to us. They were very exited to send thier Girls and women for next time. They enjoyed Lolys too. 

Some of the women's and girls also wants to speak and preform dance in next programme.😎

Some Negative Points:

Some of the women were not happy to see that some of the Ladies and girls take gifts 2 times.  Some of trying to take from the bags also. (We will be very very careful for next time and I will do something for next time). 

Some of the things I want to discuss on phone with You Doug. Thanks