21 Days until we head to India for Women's SHINE Conference Kotdwara


This team photo was taken just this week. The Thomas Family and 6 other Aussies will be heading to Kotdwara, North India in just three weeks time, to present the first ever Women's Shine Conference. This has been a vision of 'Project Help India' for a number of years and we can't quite believe that it is about to become a reality. At times we have wondered if we have bitten off a little more than we can chew, but hey, we can't turn back now, so we are positive and confident that women's lives will be changed and empowered ...through this we hope to see stronger lives, stronger families, stronger communities and a stronger India.

Thank you for your interest, please read on to learn about all we are doing. If you could make a donation to support our work, we would really appreciate this. The majority of our delegates are women who live in slums and in poverty. None of these women will have ever attended an event like this. They can't afford to pay, so we are not charging them. We want to bless them and give them an experience they will never forget. 

In fact the town of Kotdwara (population 150 000) has never experienced the likes of this. We are pioneers, so please keep us in your thoughts and prayers. Spread the word, if you might know any Aussies who might be passionate about human rights and human justice and who might be stirred to make a donation to this worthwhile cause (we need some help as it's costing more than we earlier anticipated), forward this email.

How you can help

BSB: 812-170

ACCOUNT NUMBER: 100122703 


Please write your name and WOMEN'S SHINE in the reference section so we can thank you.