Young Women's Technology Classes

Our young women's technology classes are held at our City Centre in the heart of Kotdwara. Each week, young women from some of the slums attend these afternoon classes. The girls are trained for 6 months in basic keyboard and Microsoft programs. By attending these classes they also receive the wonderful opportunity for friendship and personal counselling. Daisy Samuel runs these classes. The main goal of these classes is to equip the girls with skills which will give them a very good head-start to apply for jobs, along with experiences that provide a very tangible sense of purpose and hope for the future. These classes certainly go a long way in helping to break the cycle of poverty of the girls' circumstances.

We see much success with this program and it is always so lovely to see their smiles and growing confidence, as they grow friendships and find belonging.

This past week the girls were fortunate enough to have a very special and important visitor join them. Mrs Sarita Agarwal, is a legal rights advocate at the local Kotdwara Court. Mrs Agarwal spoke to the girls about women's legal rights. It was a fabulous afternoon and the girls really loved what they learnt. They were empowered, equipped and encouraged to have greater self confidence and to respond to the many issues they must deal with in their day to day lives. 

We are very thankful for the help and support of Mrs Agarawal, who has generously given her time and expertise, and also offered to provide us with legal advice in relation to any matters that our projects and organisation may face.

Thank you for your support of our work in Kotdwara, and for your generosity. If you would like to specifically assist the technology classes, your ongoing donation will help us pay for 'new' (second hand) computers, some furniture, workbooks, posters and other resources.