Bringing love, dignity, hope and purpose this October

Our work in October was a very big month for the many projects of

One of this past month's highlights was my trip with my daughter Maisy to Kotdwara, to spend time with our many friends, network with community leaders, and visit a number of our projects. During this time I was able to;

* attend our Annual Celebration event, attended by about 400 people. We had many local dignitaries attend, each of whom spoke highly about our work. The event even made a small article of one of India's largest Hindu Newsletters, which praised our social work efforts. 

* I visited the new Head of the Kotdwara Police Anti-Human Trafficking Team and to discuss a number of projects for the year ahead.

Our Project leaders, Amit and Daisy Samuel continue to do an incredible job and they are well respected members of the local community. I am so appreciative and thankful for their hard work, energy and passion for reaching out to people in need. Just a few weeks ago there was much tension and fighting between some of the prominent religious groups in town, following a terrible situation where a little 4 year old girl was raped. Amit and Daisy were called upon to assist by bringing peace and mediation to this situation.

Our hearts always gravitate to the poor and needy. Just last week I received this email from Amit, requesting financial help for the family of one of the little boys who attends one of our slum schools. Perhaps you can help. This family really is in crisis. We have an opportunity to reach out in love to these people, and to bring hope, dignity and purpose to their lives. 

"The name of this little boy is Hritik. He is 7 years old. He is one of the student from our slums center. Hritik's father name is Rakesh & Mother name is Sapna. Hritik is a very poor Family. We got to know that Hritik is suffring from both ears infection from last one years. This infection has made hole in his both ears. He is not able to hear properly. Pus comes out from his ears. 

On the other hand Hritik father Rakesh has Cataract in his both eyes & he can't see properly. Rakesh also has gangren in his ond leg. So he is not able to walk properly. Because of his such condition he can not do any work.

This family is suffring finencial too. It is not possible for them to go to a good doctor for Hritik check up. Hritik's father also need a treatment. 

We request you all to pray for Hritik & his family, and please help him financially."

Once again, I am reminded that our small steps make a big difference in the lives of these amazing people. They certainly make our lives all the richer and better, that's for sure.

If you are in a position to make a donation to Hritik and his dad, please join their story. Perhaps you might like to sponsor them for the next 12 months. $30 a month will help them to start a new chapter and will change their lives forever. 

Be blessed and thank you again.