Bringing joy and help this Christmas


Would you consider making a special Christmas donation to the 260 beautiful children we help and work with through 'Project Help India'. As the Christmas season commences we have the wonderful privilege of bringing a special blessing to these remarkable little people.

In Bijnor City, where earlier this year we started an education centre, 40 children will hear the Christmas story, and receive a present for the very first time in their lives. Just imagine the wonder, surprise and happiness of it all!

In Village Bagnala (seen in the photo), where we have now been working for 5 years, the children eagerly wait in anticipation for this time of the year. Why? They love to receive their Christmas present.

These children tell us stories about their lives and circumstances. Zainab, for example, mentions how happy she was to receive her “first ever gift”, a woollen sweater from 'Project Help'. This gift was kindly donated by the kids at my school in Sydney.

Christmas is a time of giving and through our work at ‘Project Help’, we would be so grateful to receive your donation – so that we can share a little piece of joy, in the lives of kids who are really doing it tough. Consider the money we all spend each year on Christmas - will you really notice another $20, $50 or $100 not in your purse or wallet at this time of the year? 

We share with you below, some of the stories of Shiva, Roshni and Anisha, three children whose lives you will be blessing this Christmas.

Shiva is blessed to now be at a school where his teacher actually cares for his learning. He is very clever and has a bright future. He is so proud of going to school!

Roshni aged 12 is being taught and supported to deal with the terrible domestic violence that impacts her family each and every day. 

Anisha’s mother has a mental illness and self harms, her father is an alcoholic. She has a dream of becoming a teacher, so that she can help girls like her. Christmas brings a special moment of joy for her. 

This year our goal is to distribute 260 woollen sweaters plus a sneaky bar of chocolate to each child in this very remote part of the world, the foothills of the Himalayas where it gets to below zero degrees in Winter. We will also be giving gifts to out 15 teachers and staff who work so incredibly hard. Amit will be travelling 6 hours each way to Delhi just to buy everything as cheaply as possible.

Through your donation we will be connecting your love with these people this Christmas. Please do not underestimate how much your generosity will make a difference. 

You can make a donation directly on this website.

With love and thanks from the ‘Project Help India’ Team.