August Monsoon Floods

These images were taken on Friday after a torrential monsoon storm hit on Thursday night (3rd August 2017). Sadly lives were lost and we have been told that some children were lost and swept away. Many slum houses were washed away also. 

The local authorities have been distributing emergency help and food but we really need to do more than this. Kotdwarahelp has been counselling people and supporting them in their distress, shock, trauma and grief. 

Once the waters subside, this is when the relief effort will need to crank up a couple of notches. With our limited resources, we will be working with the slum families who we help through our school and regular projects. These are our friends, the people who everyone else tends to forget about ...they are the poorest of the poor.

We anticipate that Kotdwarahelp will be helping in the following ways, over the next couple of weeks;

* providing healthy meals to those who are in need

* responding to any disease outbreaks

* helping to re-build houses

* purchasing tarps

* providing emergency relief packs with blankets and other essentials for the kids and families.

It's early days and the full extend of the problem has not yet been assessed. But we know that there is much work to be done, and people's lives and sense of hope and security restored.

Today is Sunday and thankfully the sun is shining.

Would you be able to make these people's lives a little brighter? If you could make a special donation, it would really make a difference.