January News from Kotdwara

Dear friends and supporters

Welcome to 2017. At KotdwaraHelp we are very excited about the year ahead. Our projects have continued with energy and a wonderful sense of purpose. You are part of the story of people whose lives are being changed. You are making a difference by offering hope to children, young men and women and their families. Our programs are impacting the wider community. 

The people who we ‘do life with’ through KotdwaraHelp are very grateful. It is perhaps difficult for us to appreciate the impact of our love, prayers and generosity. I hope that some of these stories and photos will help you to get a sense of the things that are being achieved. Here are some messages of thanks, that have been sent from Kotdwara just this week.

Rupa (top left) is 22 years old  and she is one of the the new intake of students who attend our Computer Centre. Within 6 months Rupa should have the skills to apply for jobs. She is too poor to go to College. KotdwaraHelp is changing the course of Rupa’s life, as her other options would have been very lowly work such as fossicking for rubbish.

Arti (top right) is 12 years old and she says thanks for the education she receives through our City Centre. Her family really does it tough – more than you could imagine. They are too poor to be able to send Arti to school because he younger brother Ayush has a mental disability. Arti says thanks for the opportunity for her to come to ProjectHelp to learn.

Amit (middle right) is 13 years old and every day he proudly wears the sneakers that he was given as a gift last September from Doug's gym in Sydney. Amit is achieving well and he is getting good results at our classes. He loves learning and has a bright future if he continues with his studies and is not forced to work.

Deepali (middle left) is 11 and she comes to our centre as much as she can. She too loves to wear the sports shoes that she was given last year.  Every day Deepali has breakfast at home and then her only other meal for the day is the plate of healthy food she gets at KotdwaraHelp late in the afternoon (6 days a week). Deepali would go hungry otherwise.

Naomi Charles (bottom left) is 40 and she started working for KotdwaraHelp in 2016 as our City Centre teacher and she teaches Hindi, Maths and English. Naomi is married to Mr Subhash Charles and they have 2 kids.  We are thankful for Naomi's hard work and for the love that she pours onto the children she teaches.

Tushar (bottom right ) is 11 and he loves life! Tushar struggles in Maths but he is making good progress. He passes on his thanks for the help is is getting and especially for the food which he loves. He also says thanks for the clothes and stationary.

As we move into 2017, there are so many things that I’d love to share with you. I shall endeavour to do this, over the coming weeks. But briefly...

1. I must update you regarding the Indian Government’s new legislation which has forced the closure of many foreign aide agencies from working in the country. Because KotdwaraHelp is registered as an NGO in India, we have managed to arrange structures for donations to be registered with the necessary authorities. This has been challenging and there is more to do, to ensure that we are meeting the many government requirements.

2. Amit our Project Director, needs a new house and car. Amit rents his house but the landlord is selling it soon. Unfortunately for us, this means we will have to move our office and the location of the City Education Centre (they are all on the same property). We have been given the first offer to buy the house but we need $25 000AUS for the deposit. This is just out of our reach. 

The Indian Government has recently passed legislation to deregister all diesel fuel cars that are 10 years or older. Sadly Amit’s car fits this description.

3.  Little Krish is doing well, but will still need the support of our ongoing finances for medical treatment and rehab.

There is so much more to tell you, but enough for one email. 

We value your prayers and support more than words can express. 

Love Doug, Rowena and the Thomas clan.


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6 Stories of Lives Changed - January 2017

6 Stories of Lives Changed - January 2017