Making Headlines in India

Making Headlines in India

This month, two of our projects have made the news in India!

News Item #1 – Our work makes the local newspapers

On 27th September we held an event to celebrate our first year of (also referred to as Project Help). The event was attended by politicians, members of the local police department, leaders of other community social work projects, KotdwaraHelp Board members, pastors and community leaders from different faith backgrounds. For the first time ever, we created an opportunity in Kotdwara for like-minded people, all who have a heart for their community, to gather and encourage each other. Commendations were given to various social work projects.

Another highlight was to see the many proud parents who attended to watch the various dance and music items presented by the children and youth who participate in the many KotdwaraHelp projects.

Doug gave a speech (translated of course) and encouraged everyone in the packed auditorium. Amit and Daisy Samuel were applauded by the crowd for their passion, vision, and hard work serving the poor in Kotdwara. We look forward to holding our second Annual Event in September 2017. We eagerly anticipate that in coming years we will need to hire a larger venue, and that it will be filled with any more people who serve Kotdwara and work hard to ensure that not only, the town becomes greater and stronger, but also the nation of India.

Below is a translation of the newspaper article

*In the annual function of Project Help Kotdwara many Social working guests were honored for multiple purpose and for what they are doing for humanity on their level. In this function the students of Project Help presented some cultural programe. On this occasion Rev. Father Pious who is the Director of "Karuna Organization, Mrs. Ester Dass the Incharge of Brigade of Hope Organization and Mr. Yogendra Gundai who is the Incharge of Anti Human Trafficking Unit of Police Kotdwara were Honored deliberately by Project Help Organization*

*In this function Pastor Amit Samuel the Director of the Organization told elaborate the Journey of Project Help and how it works social. In this occasion some of the honored guest from Australia Mr. Doug Thomas, Mark, Gulliver, Tom Russell were present there.*

News Item #2 - ‘Good Morning India’

Yes it’s a fact… KotdwaraHelp was a feature story on ‘Good Morning India’ which highlighted the plight of one of the slum kids who attends our school. Seven year old Krish, is presently in hospital and his arm may need to be amputated because his broken arm was treated by an illegal doctor. The poor kid’s broken arm was bandaged and treated with alkaline lime powder which then infected his arm, resulting in severe painand gangrene to the arm and bone. Unless he received immediate surgery his arm needed to be amputated.

The television item investigated the problem of phoney doctors who exploit the poor, with untrained and dangerous medical practices.

We are very pleased that some good news has come out of this terrible story. Krish’s prognosis is hopeful thanks to the generosity of many people who last week, donated enough funds to pay for his surgery and ongoing medical expenses.

Also, we are delighted that our work has brought a serious issue to the social consciousness of India.

See our story ‘Helping Krish’ for the full story.